Long, deep holds to relax and restore joints and muscles. Practiced in the Moon Room, our unheated space, and suitable for all levels.

Unlike the majority of our regular class offerings, which target strength, muscular engagement, and the body as a whole, this class targets the subtle body – your connective tissues, your ability to let go, and to be in your space.

The main body of the practice will be in the Yin Yoga tradition: long, deep holds of postures for 2-5 minutes allow the body to move beyond a muscular level and get into deep tissue work. This is a great practice to help you increase your range of motion. This class is challenging physically and mentally and as wonderful as one of our Restorative classes.

All of our classes start on time and latecomers cannot be admitted. Once class starts, we ask that students stay in class for the duration of their practice! Class is with music.