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Studio Owner / Teacher / RMT / Craniosacral Therapist

Step into a world of holistic healing and inner peace with Rosanna Marouelli. A mother, successful business owner, and seasoned massage therapist specializing in craniosacral therapy, Rosanna warmly invites you to join her on a journey of transformative well-being.

In 2008, her passion for Modo Yoga led her to India, and in March 2011, she introduced this unique style to her hometown, Barrie. Under her leadership, Modo Yoga Barrie has raised over $93,000 for local charities, earning 30+ awards.

Rosanna’s success is attributed to her family’s support, her exceptional team, and the love of her vibrant community. In 2019, she was honoured with the Revolution Her Award of Merit for her outstanding commitment to community service and business excellence. She is grateful for the collaborative effort that contributes to Modo Yoga Barrie’s success.

With over 23 years as a Registered Massage Therapist, Rosanna specializes in various therapeutic modalities, holds a BA in Gerontology, and contributes to the academic community, serving on an Advisory Board at Georgian College. She has also taught in the Health Sciences Department for the Massage Therapy Program.

Beyond yoga and massage, Rosanna co-owns Dream Retreats Europe, offering transformative luxury retreats. Their inaugural Tuscany retreat (September 2024) promises an immersive experience for self-exploration and lasting memories.

Guided by a life philosophy, Rosanna encourages positivity, gratitude, and continuous growth. Inspired by Rumi, she believes in listening to the voice that doesn’t use words. Rosanna’s mission is to help people connect with their hearts, fostering well-being and inspiring joy, peace, and healing.