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Energy Exchange Program

Energy Exchange Program!

The energy exchange program at Modo Yoga Brampton is a wonderful opportunity for students to get involved in the studio community and receive the benefits of yoga in return for their time and effort.

It works like this…You commit a minimum of 4 months and devote four to five hours of your time (on the same day and at the same time) once a week to help us out around the studio. In turn, you receive your membership on us and discounts on retail/workshops.

The program is a great way to get to know your teachers and is a great place to start for anybody looking to become a Moksha teacher or one of our awesome desk staff. We do require that any applicants maintain a consistent practice at the studio. If you are interested in this program please follow the below instructions:

1. Review the Energy Exchange guidelines here
2. Submit your application and availability here.

Our studio and our community is growing! We keep getting new ideas from all sorts of amazing people! We appreciate your feedback and love connecting with YOU, our Sangha or community.

Do you play a musical instrument or are you super handy? We also offer exchange opportunities for musicians to play during our classes, or handymen to help out around the studio.

For more details on these roles send your resume/audio-video clips to [email protected] (SUBJECT: Energy Musician/Handymen)

We look forward to hearing from you.