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Kaitie’s classes create space for you to listen and connect inwardly while moving safely, so that every Barre class works for everybody. Kaitie’s Barre classes have focus on structural alignment, stability, and mobility; they integrate yoga techniques like controlled breathing and mindfulness; and they weave in elements of dance. Her intention is for you to leave class feeling stronger, present, and uplifted. Kaitie’s own experience in Barre has helped her with core stability, coordination, posture, and balance, not to mention helped shed new light on some of the grounding tools she has learned through yoga! Kaitie has taken multiple Barre courses, having taught classes since 2016; and comes from a background of dance training in ballet, contemporary, jazz, acro, & tap. She also teaches therapeutic Yoga Classes, and is a Certified Yoga Therapist. Kaitie spends her spare time adventuring and resting in nature, or at home reading, writing, cooking, creating – in short, always learning!