Modo Yoga North Vancouver is a community of inspired students, joined together by our love of yoga, our commitment to protecting the earth, and our drive to bring more peace into the world. We are a place for all. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a more experienced student, we offer accessible classes that are challenging, healthy, and fun! When you join our sweaty family, you join a dedicated, conscious community of over 70 studios worldwide. See you soon in the hot room!



Being a member at our studio definitely has its perks! Sign up for a Modo Membership today and receive the following benefits:

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Class Types


What is Modo Yoga?

Modo Yoga is a community of independent hot yoga studios, guided by our 6 Pillars, united by our love for yoga, and dedicated to creating a more sustainable world. With over 70 locations across North America, Europe, and Australia – every studio is a place for all. We welcome all bodies and all abilities, whether you are a beginner or an experienced student.

What are Modo Yoga classes like?

All Modo Yoga classes are built on the foundation of our Modo series – a dynamic system of postures and breathing exercises specifically designed to be practiced in the heat. Modo classes are accessible to all, from beginners to advanced students. A typical Modo class will have around 40 postures. Each class is intended to open, strengthen and relax the entire body.

What are some of the benefits of Modo Yoga?

Modo Yoga classes help to build strength and flexibility. We focus a lot on breath awareness, which ultimately helps to relax and calm the body and mind. People who practice regularly often notice that they are happier, have better focus, and are more able to handle the stresses of everyday life.

How hot is Modo Yoga?

Modo classes are headed to around 36 degrees Celsius with about 40% humidity. External weather conditions and the number of students in the class can have an effect on the temperature inside the room. If you’ve never practiced hot yoga before it might feel quite hot during your first class, but over time, your body will acclimatize to the heat. Students are encouraged move through each class at their own pace, taking rest and water when needed.

Do you have any classes that aren't hot?

Our Yin classes are offered in reduced heat - the room will be warm but not hot for these ones.

How old do I have to be to take a Modo Yoga class?

The minimum age to take class at our studio is 16. We require a parent or guardian's signature on one of our teen waivers in order for anyone under the age of 18, so plan ahead for your first visit!

I'm the least flexible person in the entire world...

We've definitely heard that before! Being the least flexible person in the entire world is the best reason to try a Modo Yoga class! But really, don’t worry if you can't touch your toes or balance on one foot – some flexibility will come with time, and we can always adapt postures for you with blocks and/or straps to help you get the benefit that your unique and awesome body needs. You don’t have to be flexible to try your first class.

Do I need to pre-register?

It's a great idea to sign up ahead of time to reserve a spot. Although we generally do have space to drop in, some of our classes have smaller capacities and can get quite full - when in doubt, book ahead!

What should I wear?

Wear something that you feel comfortable in and that is easy to move around in. You will probably sweat a lot, so lightweight, breathable materials that will absorb sweat and dry quickly are best. Shorts or leggings with a tee-shirt or a tank top are all great options. For the safety and comfort of other students (and teachers too!), please do not come to class in just underwear, ie: bikini bottoms or boxer briefs.

What should I bring?

You'll need a yoga mat, mat towel, and water for class. We have water bottle fill stations at the studio so BYOB – bring your own bottle! Yoga mats, mat towels, and shower towels are also available to rent if you don't have your own. We also recommend bringing a change of clothes for after class – did we mention you'll sweat a lot?!

How long are your classes?

Our classes are 60, 75 or 90 minutes long. We have a variety of classes at various lengths, so please check the schedule to see what works for you!

I'm running late...can I still take class?

Stuff happens – we totally get it! But unfortunately, we can't let latecomers in once class has started. Every class starts and ends on time to help provide a peaceful experience for all. Please plan ahead and make sure you arrive at the studio a minimum of 5 minutes before class is scheduled to start.

I have more questions...

We'd love to answer them! Reach out to us at or give us a call at 604-770-0485.