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Katharine Larson


Katharine began her journey into the fitness and yoga world when she was looking for options to supplement her dance training. While pursuing her BFA in Dance at the University of Arizona, Katharine fell in love with the habitual yet challenging practice of Bikram Yoga. As she matured with her dance career, she found Modo Yoga to be a practice more accessible in keeping her body performing while still
maintaining the same habitual practice that allowed her to calm her mind. Upon moving to NYC in 2018, Katharine decided it was the right time to teach what she so valued with her yoga practice. She immersed herself with the Modo Yoga 500-hour training in Ecuador of 2019. Since her training,
Katharine has taught a wide variety of classes, but is especially proud to volunteer for the Veterans Yoga project, teaching yoga to those who suffer from PTSD. Still as an active professional dancer in NYC, Katharine loves to explore new and challenging ways the body can move. In her class, you can expect a
focus on form, details, and her love for anatomy pouring through her cues. She also strives to provide support for all of her students to feel comfortable with where their body is in that given moment.
“Sometimes it’s difficult to envision the potential you have to be the greatest version of yourself. Trust in the vision and have the courage to allow yourself to go on the journey. Transformation is the result of this courage.” –Londrelle Hall

Instagram: @katharine_elizabeth_larson