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Melanie Mcinenly


Melanie discovered yoga 10 years ago when it was suggested as a healing therapy for a body strained by
the demands of life on stage. As a professional singer, dancer and actor she has performed in many
theatres across Canada, the US and the UK. After one yoga class she was hooked, feeling more at ease in
her body and mind. Her yoga practice provides a source of strength and support. It offers a clear mind,
and a healthy energized body. The synthesis of her eclectic accumulation of life experiences has brought
her to the place she is now.

MYS has been her community for 9 years and she can be found on the schedule teaching Modo,
Modo Flow, Yin, Barre and Restorative yoga.

“I love sharing what I learn with others. Yoga for me is an integration of my life. I have had very
profound changes in my journey, which have greatly affected my quality of life. Through laughter, sweat
and tears, we learn and grow together.”