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MYV Live Musicians

We are so fortunate to offer Live Music classes as part of our weekly schedule! There is so much talent in this city – we love to showcase local talent, and introduce students to artists that are active in the community. Modo (Live Music) classes are every Wednesday at 8pm, and Yin (Live Music) classes are every Sunday at 8pm.

Currently Playing at MYV….

April Wolfe
April is a singer-songwriter, poet, visual artist, and multi-instrumentalist living in East Vancouver. Her music is whimsical, heartfelt, and moving with lyrics that paint pictures of raw human emotions and experiences. April draws inspiration from a wide range of Folk, Jazz, and Pop artists – from classics such as Joni Mitchell and Nina Simone to more modern acts like Sylvan Esso and Little Dragon. She is currently working on recording her first EP.

Hear more: aprilwolfe.ca

April Headshot


Michael Deacon
Michael Deacon is a writer, poet, and musician. He has been writing since childhood and his poem “Rain”, which the song “Looking for Rainbows” is based on, was written, and published when he was nine years old. Michael’s first instrument was the guitar, but in recent years has been inspired to pick up more instruments like the Native American flute, charango, and create music with the elements of ancient sounds. Inspired by nature, Michael imbues his music with the breath of the natural world. Like nature, Michael’s music shows many faces. He continues writing songs and exploring a variety of genres and styles. Within all the songs and sounds, however, is the love for music its ability to elevate one’s spirit and open the doors of the soul.

Here more: Michael Deacon Spotify

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Samuel Romero
Samuel is a Salvadoran born songwriter/guitarist, visual artist and Expressive Arts Therapist living in Vancouver. Drawing inspiration from folk artists Nick Drake and Jose Gonzalez, Samuel blends his passion for the guitar with reflections on the soul as the content of his music. Bear will be Samuel’s 3rd solo album to be recorded in the Fall 2022

Hear more: Samuel Romero Spotify

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Chaya Harvey
Chaya Harvey is a Folk Singer-Songwriter whose gentle power shines through all of her music. Her heartfelt lyrics and melodies are candid and nostalgic, echoing from times past. Chaya’s voice reverberates a warm soulfulness that can soothe the most tired of minds. Some of the acts that have inspired Chaya throughout the years include Joan Shelley and Julia Jacklin as well as older influences such as Patsy Cline and Leonard Cohen. Versatile, Chaya hails from a family of prolific reggae musicians of Jamaican descent, and she occasionally enjoys playing tunes inspired by her roots and whatever captures her sentimental heart.

Hear more: chayaharvey.bandcamp.com

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