Letters From Community

Unifying With Life’s Flow Through Stillness

There is great healing, clarity and power to be found in stillness. It sounds like a very simple thing to do, to be still. But is it? Even on the physical level, it can be challenging to shake our modern
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A gentle waterfall cascades down a cliffside

Unifying with life’s flow through breath

Warm Greetings Modo Yoga Bloor West family. Congratulations on moving through your October 30 day Yoga Journey with remarkable consistency! As a student and teacher it is a joy to share the practice room with you. The topic of today’s discussion is,
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It Was In A Boardroom….

In honor of Truth and Reconciliation Day on September 30th, we want to share with you a poem by Tyler Pennock. Tyler is a two spirited poet and writer from Alberta, and an adoptee from a Cree and Metis family.
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