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Letters From Community

Paper Sailboats in the Rain

I looked out through the glass doors of the TTC subway station. Blurry colors of headlights, grey skies, and the sounds of splashing from the slow turn of buses that waited outside for me. Hesitantly, I tucked my phone back
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The Only Truly Common Ground

Over and again, history shows us that our most prolific societal changes occur during periods of hardship. Whether they be natural disasters, famines, or wars, the disorder caused by hardship helps to illuminate the ways in which we are somehow
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A banner of someone holding up the Progress Pride flag. In the bottom left corner of the page, it says "Letters of Community" with a faded graphic of a mountain behind it.

To Queer: A Conscious Act of Resistance

I love the verb ‘to queer’ and I want to acknowledge that many still find these words insulting and degrading. I embrace these words that are often used to oppress, insult and degrade, as an act of sovereignty and liberation—not
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