Letter From The Director

A person standing on top of a large mountain facing crashing waves in a vast ocean. On the horizon is another mountain some distance away.

When The Heart Chooses Different

In last month’s letter, I referred to a particular practice in which one focuses on the imaginary yet felt experience of being informed by their doctor that they had a few weeks to live. The obvious purpose of this meditation
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Don’t Fear The Reaper

Recently, and for the first time in several years, I had been ill to the point where I was basically bed-ridden at home for four or five days. With the help of a dear friend who cared for Sonny, and
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The Irony Of Being Human

  We are currently living in possibly the most ironic period in human history.    Consider this…  We have more than enough technology and know-how to relatively quickly curb our planet’s warming climate, yet we continue to emit close to
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