“Help Each Other” | Letter from the Director | December 2019 Editorial

Recently I shared in one of my class introductions how much I need to teach—not necessarily to teach something to someone, but to seize the privilege of stepping into the practice room, looking each of you in your eyes, and
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The Source Of Your Care | Letter from the Director | November 2019

THE SOURCE OF OUR CARE In the recently published Day of Pause Official Info Video, it is acknowledged how, in some way, every single one of us cares. Considering the myriad of ways we all show up in the world
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A Cell-Phone Free Space? | Letter From The Director | March 2017

Every once in awhile I must carry out a part of my role at the studio that, despite how many times I’ve had to do it, never gets easier. The last time I had such an experience was late last
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