Embodied Movement for Trans, Non-Binary and GNC Folx

The intention of this class is to offer an affinity space for Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender Nonconforming humans that strives to be safer and welcoming to all body shapes, sizes and abilities. This is a by donation* offering.

Together we will create a circle where we honour and foster our agency, and the wisdom of our bodies. Because we are all students and teachers to each other, we not only bring our personal experiences, but also the wisdom and trauma of/in our bodies as Trans, ENBY and GNC folk. Simply by showing up, help us strengthen a community with the potential for our liberation, and the liberation of the planet.

A movement practice rooted in the Yogic principles of Ahimsa (non harming), Satya (truth) and Moksha (liberation), as we also weave in Asana (postures) and breathwork, peppered with Pilates and postural awareness. Come feel more embodied–as in present to all aspects of our being as a priority. Feeling over thinking, Being over doing. Radical self compassion and self acceptance is our aim.

My Name is Shai Saliba and I am a transgender, non binary femme flavoured human. I passionately hold space as a yoga & pilates teacher, massage therapist and embodied erotic educator and coach. I follow the call to be a healer and pleasure activist in the world. I am dedicated to disrupting and dismantling oppressive systems like white body supremacy and patriarchy.

Consider this a bold and vulnerable ‘open-handed gesture’; an invitation to reach into Brave Space and create community TOGETHER.

“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together”
-Maori activist, Lila Watson

Registration is free and open to all. We welcome you to follow the link below to make a donation to one of our community partners to help strengthen the local TNB community if it is available to you.

Friends Of Ruby:


ACT Toronto:


*Please note all are welcome. If a donation is not accessible to you we count on you to take what you need, and trust that you will pay it forward in other ways that are accessible to you. Self care and celebration ARE a beautiful way to pay it forward.