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Modo Silent

The majority of our days are filled with constant noise, whether it be the honking of horns, office chatter, the radio, etc.  This class allows you to challenge yourself on a whole new level by practicing in total silence.

The silently lead class is guided by a teacher who will also be practicing front and centre in the room. Students have the opportunity to be their own guide in their practice and perhaps take that practice to a deeper level.
This class is practiced both in silence or accompanied by music. Some say the music helps them escape to a more meditative zone, thereby counterbalancing potential distractions both outside the body and inside the mind.
This type of practice is best experienced if you’re somewhat familiar with the regular Modo series (even if you’ve only been to a couple of classes).
  • Sundays 8 am Modo Silent w/ Music 90 min
  • Mondays 6:30 am Modo Silent 60 mins
  • Mondays 8 pm Modo Silent Hands-on-Adjustments w/ Live Pedal Steel Guitar 75 min