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Every studio in our community is guided by our 6 pillars.

Karma Classes

Since 2004, Modo Studios have collectively raised over 3.2 million dollars, thanks in part to our Karma Classes. Each week, all Modo Yoga studios offer PWYC donation classes to raise funds for local and international not-for-profit organizations. Through our Karma Program, we reach out, give back and help support positive change. Karma Classes also align with our Be Accessible Pillar by offering yoga classes at a reduced price. Get your sweat on and do some good.

What is the dollar value of intimate self care and anonymous care for others? It may be only a few dollars to you, yet 100% of your Karma Class contributions helped a homeless teen find a warm bed, secured an acre of rainforest, and helped provide a lawyer to fight for someone’s human rights. Consider that the real prize is your sincere contribution, while the bonus is the yoga you get to enjoy on top of that. Thank you for your contributions. Please continue to give—no more than you can actually afford, yet no less than what you feel it’s worth.

Join us Fridays at 8 PM for a 75-minute PWYC Modo class.

Grow Your Yoga

Grow Your Yoga (GYY) is our annual, community wide campaign. Every April, all Modo Yoga studios join together to raise funds and awareness for organizations that work to protect our earth.

GYY is about reaching out, it's a time to take our yoga off the mat and out into the world. Each studio celebrates GYY in their own unique way - there are on and off the mat challenges, fundraising parties, community building events, and more!

In 2018, we collectively raised $178,558.47 for the David Suzuki Foundation, JungleKeepers, and One Tree Planted. Support our commitment to Be Green + Be Healthy - join us when GYY kicks off again in April 2019. Together, we can create lasting change.


Our commitment to the Be Green Pillar runs deep. We construct sustainable studios and power them with renewable energy. Our activist roots inspire our community campaigns which raise funds to help protect the environment. Through these efforts we are proud to help create a more sustainable future.

By reducing our collective footprint, we can help protect the earth for generations to come. By raising awareness and making conscious choices, we can truly make a difference. Not sure where to start? Bring a reuseable water bottle to class, participate in Grow Your Yoga, or try to reduce unnecessary waste - there are countless ways to bring the Be Green Pillar into your own life.