Eryl McCaffrey (She/Her)


Eryl’s love of yoga was cultivated at a young age and has served as her main source of mental and physical health support over the course of her life. She works diligently to help others manage anxiety, depression and heal from trauma as an Anxiety Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Mental Health Speaker.  She is passionate about sharing her own journey with mental illness and the tools that have helped her thrive in her life, within communities, companies and with people all over the world.
Eryl did her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2014 and a 100-hour meditation teacher training in 2017. Her classes are mindfulness-based, accessible and compassion-focused. She’s currently in training to become a Registered Psychotherapist and looks forward to supporting individuals with more mental health tools. 
Fun fact: Eryl is a trained journalist with a former life as a TV News Reporter. While she’s grateful for her time in the media, she doesn’t regret trading a mic for a yoga mat.  When she’s not teaching, speaking or coaching, you might find her hiking, writing, learning the guitar, cuddling with her pup…or eating pizza.
Learn more about Eryl on her website: and on Instagram @erylmccaffrey