The Gift of Conscious Breath | Letter from the Director | May 2019 Editorial

The Gift Of Conscious Breath

If your intention is to live a more conscious life, you likely hear of the importance of conscious breathing. Whether it be noticing anger taking you over, shifting the energetic slump that fatigue can bring on, or waking up to thoughts pulling you down a dark spiral, the inhale of awareness begins the incredible opportunity of processing the information offered by those (largely unwanted) experiences.

Becoming aware of the privilege that it is to breathe with control, is the emergence of your awaiting spirit. Consider it the most beautiful, supportive and symphonic combination of actions that takes place in your body, including:
-the stretching of your lung tissue
-the supreme cooperation of your intercostal muscles and rib cage, and the subtle lengthening of your spine as it supports this combination of actions
-the sensation of ‘fresh’ entering your nostrils
-the exquisite and necessary massage given to your lower internal organs, delivering the intentional increase of the automatized exhale
-the hollowing of your sinus cavities (including behind the cheekbones and forehead)
-the enlivening of your diaphragm muscle
-the stimulation of your crucial vagus nerve
-the precious feeling of ‘letting go’ by way of your exhale

Make it a glorious practice to become more familiar (more sensitive) to these physical effects, especially the more subtle ones, for they’re the existence of magic.

A deepening breath of awareness is the gradual (or sometimes immediate) expulsion of drama that attempts to blanket your experience. It’s the unearthing of your pureness, creating not only the physical space, but the energetic space in the centre of your being that is potential emerging, and this potential is your life essence.

When your spirit is ignored or forgotten (your general lack of awareness) it looks for any way it can to wake you up—to show you that it wants out, that it wants to express. Your spirit wants to move and it wants to move you, and when it cannot flow freely through the open door that is your awareness, it looks for any way it can to show you that it’s calling out to you. Consider that capsulized spirit is at the heart of all addiction and is the anchor for your trauma. The most adverse side effect of your imprisoned spirit is the literal poison within your thoughts, like crud floating around in a smooth and well-designed sewer system that still cannot find it’s way out, and the key to open the floodgate is your next conscious breath. The very word inspire is derivative of the phrase ‘to breathe’ in Middle English, Old French, Latin and Italian languages.

The action of breathing consciously is not only one of self-care (self-Love), but this naturally orchestrated effect is life itself showing you that you have priceless worth. Your immediate healing that begins to arrive is evidence of a great universal force reminding you that you are Loved and that you matter—regardless of any of your external circumstances. Through practice, you arrive at the realization that all the Love you really need is already within you, and it is the letting go and trusting in this, that brings your deeper radiance. And it’s this natural radiance, sourced from your trust, which makes you more attractive to others. Not all others though; the ones who will support you most sincerely on your journey.

Be careful of taking the advice of conscious breathing for granted, for all by way of the simple action of breathing with awareness, you end your search, allowing what you truly need to show itself to you when the time is right. Magnificence awaits you in your next conscious breath.

See you in the practice room,