3 Live Streaming Classes Daily



  1. Reservations Are Required for ZOOM classes and closes 15 minutes before class begins
  2. Check the ‘Details’ on the app or online to determine if your class is streamed via ZOOM or Instagram Live (or memorize the fact that our Tuesday + Thursday 9:30am Modo Flow classes are always on IG Live; the rest are Zoom).
  3. Register from our Join Us page online, or use the Mindbody or Modo Yoga App via The App Store or Google Play)
  4. All class passes are accepted or purchase a Virtual Drop-In for $5, $10, $15 or $20 Pay What You Can


  • You’ll need a smartphone, tablet or computer, with an internet connection
  • Make sure you are using Google Chrome or Firefox for best streaming experience
  • Ensure your browser is the most up to date version (go to Settings, usually three dots or three little lines to the right of the address )


  • Registration closes 15 minutes before class starts.
  • 15 minutes before class begins, check your email for the link.
  • Add us to your Contact List to ensure the link reaches you. (Check your Junk/Spam folder if you don’t see our email).
  • Follow the link to our Zoom Practice Room, which opens early so we can connect and build community
  • Feel free to turn off your video, though know that it is very helpful for us teachers to be able to give personalized cues and modifications if we can see you.
  • Beginning on Saturday, May 23rd, we’re now recording our Zoom classes for you to practice anytime you’re able! (Whether you can join us live in a class or not, registration is required for any class you want—allowing us to send you the 24-hour link so that you may practice at your leisure.)


  • To further support your practice while the studio is closed, we will be offering two classes per week via INSTAGRAM LIVE (Modo Flow on Tuesdays + Thursdays at 9:30 am). All other classes are via Zoom.
  • Search + Follow ‘Modo Yoga Bloor West‘ on Instagram > Click our profile picture > Select “Watch Live Video”
  • IG Live classes are Modo Flow on Tuesdays (with Meg) and Thursdays (with Don) at 9:30 am
  • Classes will be saved to our IGTV channel, which saves them indefinitely. You can view all our IGTV classes by selecting the center tab on our profile page (it looks like a little tv with an antenna), or access through the main feed via the preview post.


If you feel moved to, please share photos of your practice space, or you on your mat, and tag us on social media @modoyogabloorwest. We hope to share how we’re supporting one another while social distancing and make this practice accessible to as many as possible.




  • Time-limited passes (ie. $60 Intro Months, sale passes) will be extended for the entire period that the studio is closed unless you choose to use your pass to take Zoom classes. Due to the nature of the software, extensions can only be applied when we re-open, so if you have a pass that expires, please email us when we reopen to adjust the dates.
  • Monthly Members, it’s financially feasible we humbly ask that you consider continuing to pay your membership and enjoy unlimited access to the Modo Yoga Online subscription plus our classes. This =$3.85/day if you pay $115 a month). Please consider this a gesture of support in keeping MYBW afloat during the pandemic. If my request is not possible/does not feel right for you, please email and request your charges be suspended for the period for which we’re unable to host you
  • Want to support the studio?
    • Buy props! E-mail to organize curbside pick-up
    • Purchase class passes or gift certificates on our website
    • E-transfer a donation to
    • Take photos of your home practice space and tag us @modoyogabloorwest on Facebook or Instagram




Modo Yoga Online Membership Free 30-Day Trial: a library of on-demand content that you can access for free. Classes include ModoModo Flow, Modo+Yin, Yin, Freestyle Flow, Meditation, Breathing Exercises & Daily Intentions and more added weekly, varying in length from 10-60 minutes.

  • Create an account at Modo Yoga Online (if you see a blank screen, please wait a moment for it to load)
  • From March 16 – April 16, you can use the promo “MODOISHOME” to use Modo Yoga Online for free for 30 days
  • Remember to cancel or it will charge your credit card $20/month US after 30 days
  • Free for Monthly Members as long as you are continuing to support us by keeping your membership active for the duration of the crisis
    • This applies to One-Year Unlimited members as well (if you choose not to put your pass on hold)
    • Auto-renewing Member get free access to the Live to Learn Live Stream, webinar workshops led by the Modo founders Ted and Jess for free (valued at $30 USD each).
    • Access codes for the Live To Learn workshops are be shared with you directly from meg@modoyogabloorwest in advance of the workshops. Please add Meg to your contacts so you don’t miss this email.

Although our community and the world will move through this ugly/beautiful experience together, I invite you to pause, and to feel what it is like at this moment to not be able to gather as we have. So many of you have shared with us how you feel there is something different about the space, the people, and the vibration that is MYBW. I account for this as our studio being first and foremost a gathering space. Whether it is moving and breathing together on our mats in the practice room, catching up with each other in the change rooms, or having a tea and singing songs in the Zen Den, it’s all been about gathering. And nothing can show us how precious that gift is until a time comes when we are unable to gather.

We will gather again. Until then, please keep your practice up. It’s particularly important at this time that you stay connected to the truth coming through your wonderfully breathing body. Any challenge can be approached as a beautiful test, if done so with grace. 



March 11, 2020

The global predicament that is the COVID-19 virus presents a unique situation. It is likely that this societal encounter will either directly or indirectly touch each one of our lives if it hasn’t already. From the social effect of having to cancel a gathering, the emotional effect of where worrisome thoughts might take us, to of course the potential physical effects of becoming ill, there is reason for concern. There is also the reality of increasing confusion, as some sources recommend taking radical action, while others suggest we not overreact.

Despite the challenges this experience is bringing humankind, consider the gifts that may be hidden here also. As far as we know, every human is susceptible to COVID-19. This makes it a common denominator, in that it is something that can touch every one of us, regardless of race, religion, age, level of health, sexual preference, diet, political beliefs, or financial status. This experience immediately humbles us in that, on some level, facing it is a shared experience for us all. And regardless of the contrasting information around the severity of this virus, one thing is very clear: to slow it down and control it will require cooperation. When we strip away the details, the fear and the drama connected with dealing with the known and unknown in this situation, we are left with the beautiful reminder that in order for ideal results, it’s really best that we help each other. And this may be the true gift… May this be a primer of sorts for the crucial cooperation that must also appear on a global scale — and in a very timely manner — if we are to thrive as human beings.

MYBW is doing its best to contribute to this overall support in the most effective ways we know, based on the most up-to-date information being provided. We trust you will make the best decisions for yourself, as we hope you will trust ours. And of course, your respectful feedback is always welcomed.

To live is to dance with joy and celebration, as well as with challenge and mystery. It’s with the same spirit that we so often feel joy and celebrate with you, that we move through this challenge and mystery with you, too. And as always, we’ll do so with Love.

Thank you for your support, in whatever way that may appear over the coming weeks.