Pramod Israni

My first impression about Yoga was that either it was for women or for people who lived in the mountains and have renounced the worldly life. I started practicing Yoga after injuring a facet joint which healed with a regular Yoga practice. While I was in a lot of pain during my first Yoga practice and had no clue about any of the postures, it brought a lot of comfort, peace, calm and healing and I kept coming back for more.

One thing I often hear from people is that Yoga is not for them as they cannot stretch or touch their toes or do all the fancy poses they see online. As a teacher, one of my intentions is for students to realize that it’s really not about how they get into the pose or how they look into the pose, it’s all about how they can breathe in the pose and also give them various tools to promote overall health and well being.

Favourite meal: I am a foodie and enjoy each meal & every cuisine to the fullest. But Indian street food is my comfort food and I crave for it more often than the other cuisines.

A fun fact about me: I am excellent at procrastinating and can sleep all day long.

Certifications: Modo, Modo Flow, Restorative, Yoga Therapy (IAYT – qualifying 2022)