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“Ubuntu”   This is an African phrase from the Zulu language which means

“I am, because of who we all are” 


While change seems to be the only certainty, we are focused on keeping this ancient practice accessible and have it be a stabilizing anchor for your day to day life.  

All indoor athletic activities are now on pause across the province while our governing body creates more detailed guidance on Covid-19 safety protocols. We will patiently await the news, adjust accordingly and keep you updated! 

In the meantime – We are excited to increase the online offerings in our virtual studio so that we can continue to serve this dedicated and resilient community.

Your teachers totally understand and respect how challenging it is to get to the mat right now. Gradually we make our way back again and again, because we know that when we get there we are able to connect to that quiet place inside that knows how to move forward. 

Practicing on Zoom at home is a way of connection to the practice and to each other. We believe in our ability as a collective, to do the difficult things and benefit from the medicine of the challenge.

Our virtual Studio is a place to land and be seen, to be held, and a place to connect with yourself and others.

All regular passes (memberships + punch passes) can be used for the online classes. Just sign up the regular way, and we will send you a Zoom link 1/2 hour before the class. We are always on the email before the classes for technical support. We also offer online drop in’s for $12

If you have never joined us online before – use the promo code FREEDOM for a complimentary 1st visit. We would love to see you give it a try.

Your presence is noticed and felt both emotionally and financially. If you are in the space to support our small business, teachers and fellow student community at the same time as supporting yourself – please consider remaining an active participant in classes, online, on social media and out in the world. 

We can say with deep truth that yoga is helpful for physical, mental and emotional support and general well being. Yoga helps us cultivate inner strength and a peaceful power so we can show up and be the change we wish to see in the world. 

Stay open, stay curious and, please take great care with your attention turning towards what works… scroll down for the class schedule. 

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Two weeks of unlimited online yoga with access to 250+ on demand videos


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Unlimited access to in studio, online classes AND library of recorded classes.




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2900 Pandosy St #206, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1V9, Canada

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Monday - Friday 5:30am-9:00pm
Saturday 8:00am-7:00pm
Sunday 8:00am-5:00pm


Next to our building is a lot that has 12 allocated (signed) Modo parking stalls. Between the hours of 9 – 5 Monday to Friday, you can ONLY park in these stalls. If you park in an unmarked stall (within these hours) you risk being ticketed. Outside of business hours there is more flexibility. On West Ave (the other side of the building) there are paid parking stalls, with more free spaces a little further down. Pandosy St is paid parking. There is free parking in all the streets close by, you may just want to leave an extra 5 minutes to walk a block or two.