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Tracey Dos Anjos

The first time I did hot yoga was when a friend called and asked if I wanted to join her for “yoga in the steam”.  I envisioned lying down on a yoga mat with gentle steam enveloping my body. The actual class was pretty different but amazing at the same time. I had never done anything that made me feel that good…. ever!
I went to teacher training in 2002 and opened my first yoga studio in 2004.  I have been a yoga teacher for a long time and I love it now like I loved it the day I started.  When I walk into the practice room I am completely present and I strive to create a space where everyone can practice, whether it’s their first class and they just want to know where to put their feet, or if they have done more classes than they can count and want to go to a deeper place and create a moving meditation for themselves.