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Dina Tsouluhas

Co-Founder & Teacher

Dina is an avid student and teacher who lists ‘learning’ as one of her favorite things to do. With an unwavering passion and innate curiosity about the human body, Dina completed her studies in Osteopathy, is an adored teacher of Basic Anatomy at the Modo Yoga Teacher Training and is the keystone to the Modo studio on St.Laurent. Dina has the amazing ability to inspire each student to approach and appreciate their bodies in a whole new way, leading them to explore not just the physical, but also fundamental workings of each movement and breath in asana. The atmosphere is light, sprinkled with laughter but unknowingly bringing you to the edge of your possibilities. She has worked closely with Nicki Doane, Eddie Modestini, Hart Lazer, Baron Baptiste and Ryan Leier – all of who have inspired and guided her commitment to teaching yoga in a passionate and loving way.