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Carolina Alegria


Since she was a kid, Carolina Alegria has always loved to move. She grew up with the saying: healthy mind in a healthy body. From provincial championships in cross-country to the 2015 Oasis Marathon, you can spot Carolina with her running shoes on the Mountain or in the streets of Montréal. Back in 2008, she discovered the practice of yoga in one of Dina Tsouluhas’ classes. She fell in love immediately with the intense practice but also with the connection it provided: connection to the spiritual, connection to the body. She has sustained her practice while secretly nurturing the dream to one day become a guide. Listening to her inner voice, she took it upon herself to participate in the Montreal training in 2013. As a result, she has a better understanding of the human body, its biomechanical and anatomical components. Her practice grew to become true and genuine. Passionate Carolina generously shares her knowledge. She is a curious girl that incessantly yearns to learn. Her Modo classes are gentle yet strong. She listens and is light and passionate. The biggest gift that life has brought her is the one of yoga. She believes it is one of the most beautiful ways to find the key to her personal quest.