Valerie Starr


Valerie started teaching yoga in 2009 and found inspiration within growth, challenge, and curiosity. Life is continually calling on us to listen and learn the way our bodies and practices change throughout our lifetime.

For her, yoga is about creating space and unraveling the tangles in our body and mind, bringing clarity to the things that get out of focus, and deepening the relationship with self.  Yoga is being with the crazy, complicated, playful, and joyful aspects of ourselves and loving them all the same.

Valerie says, “I am obsessed with yoga. I love it because it’s a part of my healing process, a big piece of my creativity, my passion, my flame, my spirit. I love experiencing the capacity in which we can move our bodies and connect with breath as a spirit ritual.  I use my personal practice to navigate my teaching. I certainly wouldn’t be here without the  love and support of my amazing teachers Keith Borden, Jasmine Tarkeshi, Joy Ravelli, Jane Austin, Annie Carpenter, and my son, Everett.”