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Jasmine Pelletier

Power Flow/Core Power/Yoga w/ Weights/Sculpt Barre Instructor

My yoga journey began in 2007 when I was pregnant with my second child, I instantly fell in love. Shortly after having my baby I was
determined to continue yoga, I found MODO Yoga Sherwood Park , which has been my home away from home. I connected with the strength and grace of the MODO series. Once I was able to connect breath with movement I discovered power flow and vinyasa yoga. I have just finished my 200hr power yoga teacher training with Michele Theoret. I learned how to let go and be my authentic self.

On the mat yoga means a place where I can connect to my body and discover what it needs. Yoga is a healing process for my mind, body and soul. Nothing is better than breath and body moving as one. Off the mat it has made me more accepting and free. Yoga has provided me with the tools to tackle obstacles that occur in everyday life. It has allowed me to slow down and truly be present in my life. By being present and not rushing through life’s little moments is where I find peace, love and joy. Yoga has opened the doors to many other life changing events, a healthier lifestyle, more meaningful relationships and exciting opportunities.

Through yoga I am inspired to transform myself, my community and maybe one day even the world.

I am excited to share this love of yoga with my students as I guide them in their journey. It is my hope that they will find my classes both challenging and fun, as well as being able to discover the softness and ease within themselves and within each posture when connected with their breath.