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Policies and Guidelines



  • Online pre-registration is highly recommended for all classes and workshops in order to secure the student’s spot. To do so, create an account on the Modo Yoga APP on your Iphone or Android device. We DO NOT take pre-registration by phone or email. Please note that late cancellation and no-show policy apply at all times. If you are not sure you can make it to class (traffic, schedule, working on call, etc.), we recommend your reserve more last minute. You can now view how many spots are available in each class on the Modo Yoga App.


  • For hot yoga classes, if a student has registered for a class, but is unable to make it, they must cancel their booking no later than 3 hours prior to class start time;
    • Class Cards: Cancelled classes will be returned to the student’s class card if made more than 3 hours prior to class. Otherwise, the class will be lost.
    • Unlimited memberships or package: If students with unlimited memberships routinely register, but do not show up for their booking, will have an automatic 10$ fee proceeded on their credit card.
  • For 6:30 or 7 am classe, the cancellation delay is before 10pm the night before the class. If there is a late cancellation or a “no-show” on a 6:30 or 7 am class, a 10$ late cancellation fee will be apply in student’s account or processed on the credit card
  • For all hot yoga in-studio group yoga classes (18+ students), we have a policy of 3 minimum reservations online in order for the class to happen.  If less than 3 people are registered 60 minutes before class, the class COULD be cancelled. This policy is apply on a case by case assessment. If you are registered to a class and the class is cancelled, you will receive a notification by email or SMS at least 60 minutes before class depending of your account settings. The cancellation class will show on our Modo App schedule, web site schedule or MindBodyOnline Schedule.
    • For early morning classes (6:30am-7am), you will receive or see the cancellation status between 10pm-10:30pm the night before practice on our Modo App or website schedule.
  • Cancellations or changes made to the schedule will be available online so please consult our website or Modo Yoga App regularly. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND to activate “schedule notifications” in your account setting. This will allow you to get an email or an SMS as soon as a class is cancelled or modified.
  • Doors will open 25 minutes before class starts, please make every effort to arrive as early as possible, (psst: arriving 2 minutes before a sold out class is considered late). 5 minutes before class, any student not present will lose their spot and be transferred to the waitlist. To avoid losing your spot, arrive at least 5 minutes before and ready to go. Starting class on time and respect everyone’s time is a priority for us.
  • Waitlist can’t be modified within 2 hours before a class. If you pass from the waiting list to the official class list, you will receive a notification at least 2 hours before the class. Make sure your sms or email notifications are enabled in your account.
  • If you are on the waiting list and can’t make it to class, the same cancellation policy of cancelling at least 3 hours before class apply. If you pass on the listing of class and don’t come to class, the no-show policy apply.


      • For outdoor classes, if there is less than 5 online reservations 3 hours before class, the class COULD be cancel. This is a case by case assessment.
      • For outdoor classes, if a student has registered for a class, but is unable to make it, they must cancel their booking at least 3 hours before class starts:
        • Class Cards: Cancelled classes will be returned to the student’s class card if the cancellation is made more than 2 hours prior to class. Otherwise, the class will be lost.
        • Unlimited memberships or package: If the member or student with unlimited package do not show up to a class they booked or cancel less than 3 hours before class, an automatic 10$ fee will be charged on their credit card.


      • All prices are subject to applicable taxes.
      • We accept payment by Interact, Visa and MasterCard. Cash is accepted but we highly recommend to register your CC infos in your account so we proceed with touchless transactions. Receipts will be issued via email upon request. Please inform the teacher/desk staff at the time of purchase if a receipt is required or email us at to get your receipt.
      • All memberships are non-refundable, non-sharable and non-transferable.
      • Please contact us for more information about private sessions, semi-private classes and corporate packages.
      • For student discounts, email us at We will ask for a valid student identification and send a unique “promo code” to get the 15% discount.



Extensions or suspensions
      • The introductory month special and the unlimited month cannot be extended or suspended.
      • All membership extensions and suspensions are subject to strict guidelines. See membership details for further explanation.


Introductory month
      • The introductory month is valid as of the first class.
      • Limit of one per person. For new student* only.
      • The introductory month cannot be shared, extended, suspended, transferred or refunded


Class Cards
      • Class cards include 5, 10 and 20 class cards.
      • Class cards do not expire, unless otherwise mentioned (i.e. special promotions)
      • All class cards are non-refundable, can’t be transferred or shared, unless otherwise mentioned ((i.e. special promotions)


      • All contracts have a minimum 4-month engagement and are auto-renewable every 12 months.
      • All members have access to our Reward Program that allows you to get discounts with different partners of our community. Click here for all details.
      • All contracts require a credit card, which will be charged on a monthly basis.
      • A contract can be cancelled following the initial 4-month commitment. A written request must be submitted to via the cancellation form a minimum of 30 DAYS prior to the next scheduled payment. Requests must be received on a timely manner.   No refunds for membership period that are passed or over.  Click here to fill the cancellation form.
      • A suspension may granted any time following the initial 4-month commitment for a maximum of 30 consecutive days, minimum of 14 consecutive days, in the contract year, or 2 suspensions totalling no more than 30 days.
      • In order to suspend you must provide a minimum 30 days notice as per your contract. Click here to fill the suspension form.
      • 10$ fee for the second suspension request.
      • Memberships cannot be shared, transferred or refunded.
      • The Sunrise Pass membership includes unlimited access to our am weekday classes (all classes from 6:30 – 7 am to 11:30am), as well as our 9am and 11am weekend classes (access to all other classes for only 10$).
      • GMA Membership allows you to practice in all 4 studios of Montreal area and at Modo Yoga Vaudreuil.
      • Our members members have 20% to 40% discount on workshops.
      • Retail 10% off regular prices on yoga props, towels, mats and clothes – excluding food and beverages.
      • Share the sweat. Introduce your friends with ONE FREE trial anytime! (one free trial / guest, maximum of 4 guests / month)


Unlimited packages
      • The unlimited packages include the 1-month unlimited, the 3-months unlimited, the 6-months unlimited and the 1-year unlimited.
      • Unlimited packages are valid from date of first class (except for promotions; valid from date of purchase)
      • Some of the unlimited packages can be extended unless otherwise mentioned (i.e. special promotions), for a minimum of 5 days (not valid for a week-end leave) under these terms:
        • 1 month unlimited: Can not be extended or suspended
        • 3 month unlimited: Can be extended once, for a total of 2 weeks
        • 6 months unlimited: Can be extended up to two times, for a total of 4 weeks
        • 1 year unlimited: Can be extended up to three times, for a total of 6 weeks
      • All extensions notification must be sent by email at the studio at least 20 days prior to the leaving/absence or please fill up the suspension form HERE.
      • Extensions are added to the end of the membership package


Yoga Sessions (Prenatal, Mom-Baby, Yoga Rondeurs, Therapeutic Functional,Functional Yin) 
      • Session classes may not be shared, extended, suspended, transferred or refunded.
      • Class packages, Intro Offer, memberships or unlimited packages do NOT apply for class series or session.
      • No refunds will be offered if you do not cancel the minimum two weeks prior to the start of the session.
      • A credit is possible if the cancellation is requested upon presentation of a doctor’s recommandation or condition.
      • Exceptions may be considered if the notification of cancellation comes a minimum of 2 hours prior to the class AND the spot gets filled with a student on the waiting list. If the spot is not filled, there can be no refund.


      • Pre-registration is recommended for workshops to secure your place.
      • We recommend all workshops be paid in full before the day of the event. An unpaid registration risks being removed from the workshop at any time if it becomes full.
      • No refunds will be offered if you do not cancel the minimum 72 hours prior to the start of the workshop. Refund is applicable if the cancellation is more 7 days prior to the event. If the cancellation is 72 hours to 7 days before, a credit is offered.
      • Late arrivals will not be permitted to enter workshops more than 5 minutes after the beginning of the workshop. No refunds will be issued in this case.


Corporate classes
      • Minimum of 5 persons to start a corporate session.
      • 10 to 20% off regular price depending on number of students.
      • For group cancellation, you must cancel the class reservation at least 24 hours prior to have no cancellation fee.
      •  For single cancellation, a no-shows will result in a used class.
      • Late arrivals will not be permitted.


 Promotions and discounts

      • Student & Senior (65 +) Prices: We offer student and senior (65 +) discounts on certain hot yoga packages in-studio only. Proof of current student status or personal ID with birth year must be presented in order to receive these discounts. Discounts available for full-time students. To receive this offer, you can email us at to get your promo code for online purchases.
      • Periodically, promotions will be emailed to our students and/or advertised via social media. Typically these promotions are available for a short duration.
      • Once the stated deadline for purchase is over, we are no longer able to honour the promotion.

Storage Onsite and Lost & Found


    • Modo Yoga Vaudreuil studio does not provide space for students to store their personal belongings or their mat. We reserve the right to cut locks that have been left on lockers overnight.
    • Modo Yoga Vaudreuil studio is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings. Students concerned about their personal effects can secure them in a locker during their practice. Students are encouraged to bring their own locks, but we also have a limited quantity of locks to lend free of charge.
    • Shoes and boots: Yoga brain happens! Sometimes students accidentally leave with someone else’s footwear that is similar to their own. In these situations, we will do our best to help recover the mixed-up item. However, we encourage students to use the footwear identification method provided at each studio to avoid this!
    • Any personal items that are found in the studio will be lovingly placed in our Lost & Found.
    • Unclaimed Lost & Found items are donated to charity after 30 days.