Your Modo Yoga Vaudreuil studio is happy to announce a new offering at the studio while respecting the new government recommendations! We are already offering One-on-one practice with a teacher (private classes) but as of APRIL 6TH, we are thrilled to add an ACCESS to the hot room for two students max (two different addresses). We heard you, we understand you and we know you miss the hot room, as much as we do! Starting April 6th, you can take any classes of your choice on your device with a friend or with another student, in the HOT ROOM!! Someone will be there to welcome you 5 minutes before your reservation time and you will have access for 60 minutes to the hot room! You will see this new reservation on our schedule on the Modo Yoga App or website under “Pratique En Solo”. Space is really limited, so make sure you reserve your spot soon! Make sure you have your own bluetooth ear piece, similar to AirPods, free sound will not be accepted.


Here are the steps, it’s really simple:

  1. Sign up online on our schedule for your « Pratique en Solo » just like you used to do before for all hot yoga classes. There will be about 8 time slots/week to start. Old class pack, promo class cards and memberships are valid for those classes. Email us if you need an extension of an expired package, we will extend your package for the number of days we have been close since its purchase date.
  2. (Optional): Do a happy dance around the house after you receive your booking confirmation
  3. Arrive ready at the studio 5 to 10 minutes before class starts, with your mask, mat, yoga towel (mat size) and water bottle* (don’t forget to use our hand sanitizers upon entry!)
  4. Log in to our Wifi (access infos are on the entrance door of the hot room)
  5. Pick a spot in the hot room (place your mat on a floor marker and your choice to remove your mask or not) and link your ear piece to your device
  6. Enjoy your On-Demand or live online hot yoga class
  7. At the end of your practice, put the X cardboard on your spot so we make sure to sanitize your spot before the next time slot for a solo class.


Make sure you read the cancellation policies here or below for this class type. It will also be required for this type of class that your accounts infos are updated such as the signature of the waiver and the payment infos.


We are looking forward to see you in the hot room!


The whole team at Modo Yoga Vaudreuil


*Mat and towel rentals are not available at the moment, so please make sure you come with your own yoga stuff. Yoga towel on the mat is mandatory for absorption and to optimize safety. We do have yoga towels for sale at the studio.


**Cancellation policy: Cancellation has to be done max 4 hours prior to the class and the reservation window will close 2 hours before the solo class. In case of a late cancellation, you will loose your class from the class package AND a 10$ cancellation fee might be charge on your credit card if you were the only student signed up for the class. If you do not have a valid credit card in your account, we invite you to add it as soon as you log in to your account, otherwise your reservation for « pratique en solo » might be cancelled.