1. For regular classes on schedule and Prenatal Yoga, download Zoom on your laptop, iPad or smartphone. Make sure to enable audio.
  2. For special class types on schedule (Teen Yoga, Junior Yoga), download the Mindbody Live App on your laptop, iPad or smartphone. Make sure to enable audio.
  3. Sign up for class * just like you normally do, via our website or app. You will receive a confirmation email from us.
  4. Before class begins, you’ll receive a second email this time from Modo Yoga Vaudreuil (make sur to look at your SPAM, especially if you have a “hotmail” adress server) with the online class link. Click the link about 5-10 minutes before class begins. A Zoom dialogue box will display “waiting for the host to start the meeting”. This is normal – the video will start once the teacher logs into the class.
  5. The teacher will mute all participants once class starts – you won’t be heard while you practice, but you have the option to be seen. If you prefer, you can turn off your camera!
  6. Enjoy the feeling that you are practicing with other people from your community, and remember to take your savasana!

*During studio closure, a minimum of 3 registrations in the class is required for regular classes and a minimum of 4 registrations is required for “series classes” such as Prenatal, Teen Yoga and Junior Yoga.


  • Make sure your MindBody account has your correct email address! Contact us at [email protected] if you are having trouble updating it.
  • Sign up for class in advance – this week we are capping class capacity at 90 just so we don’t break the internet (and then we hope to increase this!)! Sign-ups for a class will end 5 minutes before class starts.
  • Though we love to share, each link is customized for single use and will only work with one user.

If you didn’t get a link (and you searched your inbox for “[email protected]”, and checked your Spam messages) please email [email protected] for assistance.


If you have ever taken a “Live Music” class with us, we are aware that the quality fluctuated a lot in our previous classes, just until recently … We have found the source of this problem!  We have recently optimized our system by considerably increasing our internet signal.  The quality will be significantly improved, satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Since the beginning, we have had professional audio and visual equipment installed, but we had failed to check our internet signal.  It was our very slow signal that largely explained the fluctuations and the visual quality.
Now, here are our recommendations for at-home settings to make YOUR experience the best it can be:
  1. Make sure your internet connection has a minimum speed of 125mbp
  2. Connect to a bluetooth speaker or speaker with auxiliary cable that connects with the mic input of your computer or device
  3. Project the class on a screen up to 42 inches because our maximum HD quality with Zoom is maximum 720p.  If you project on a larger size, the image might be more “pixelated”.
  4. Light candles, burn your incense, dim your lights, bring your yoga accessories and enjoy!


Physical distancing is crucial right now, but we don’t need to be socially isolated. So we’ve set up virtual livestream classes to provide a more studio-like experience.

Live classes will be offered as a sliding-scale pricing for our virtual classes, so you can choose what works best for you. Pay per class, or by the week, and select the option that feels best for you right now: $5, $8 or $15 per single class, or $20 per week unlimited.

You can register for our virtual classes the same way you did before, from our website or the Modo Yoga app. If you prefer to use an existing membership or class card, those will still work too. We’ve included step-by-step instructions above.

We can’t wait to see you in one of our online classes! We wish you all the strength, courage and yoga you need to stay safe and healthy through these unpredictable times.