Barre is fun and high energy workout that is low-impact and gentle on your joints. Barre classes combine strengthening and stretching in order to create long, lean muscles, without the bulk.
Barre classes use small and short movements and a series of props to strengthen and tone the body. Participants claim to see results faster than with other forms of exercise. This method of exercise burns plenty of calories by getting your heart rate up during cardio portions of the class while toning and strengthening by isolating different muscle groups.

This 56-minute sequence starts with a warm-up, and then moves on to exercises that focus on common areas that are difficult to tone. The class progresses into exercises that sculpt arms, tone thighs, lift the seat and tighten the abs. It is common for muscles to shake and twitch as you isolate different muscle groups throughout the series. Each strengthening segment is followed by a stretch to train the body to develop long, lean muscles. The last few minutes of the class provides a cool down.