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Desk Staff

What do you love about working at Modo East Van? 

I love getting to see the difference in people’s demeanor before and after a class at MYEV, as if the heat in conjunction with the guidance of the teacher has helped to melt away a layer of stress built up from the big city grind.

What education have you completed?

Hatha and Yin yoga training at HappyTree Yoga in Montreal,  JRNI Life Coaching Certificate, and I’m currently attending Emily Carr University.

What Modo Pillar do you connect with the most?

Live to Learn. I resonate on some level with all of the pillars at Modo Yoga, but the one I feel I most embody in how I live my life is the Live to Learn pillar. I’ve always had a thirst for knowledge and information, whether philosophy, psychology, history or physics. I’m always open to learning new facts and hearing different viewpoints, and never afraid to question my own assumptions and change my opinions if necessary.

What do you do besides yoga?

I love creating art, specifically composing music and writing fiction. I’m currently writing what I hope will be a science fiction epic, told through a multi-media and interdisciplinary lens.

What’s your favourite after yoga treat?

I love to grab a coffee at 49th Parallel and pair it with one of the delicious gluten free/vegan donuts courtesy of Lucky’s Doughnuts.