Assistant Manager/Teacher

Modo Yoga East Vancouver gives Veenu such a warm and fuzzy feeling. Her favourite part is that she can just be herself in the hot room, with no pressure to conform to an idealised image of what it means to practice yoga.

She started at the studio with an introductory month, and soon joined the Ambassador program. Being an ambassador fulfilled her yoga yearnings, the experience of seva* aided her spiritual growth, and she was awakened to how awesome people are in this community! Then Monique and Caitlin approached her to apply for the assistant manager position, and it was like they had pried open her brain to find out what would be her dream job.

Although not a yoga instructor (yet), Veenu is a personal trainer and group fitness leader. She chose this field to help any person define what fitness means to them, and how to fit it into their daily life. To maintain balance and to foster her creative energies, Veenu is an actor as well.

*Seva is the Sanskrit word meaning “selfless service” that usually pertains to the benefit of the community or society.