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What do you love about teaching? 

I love that moment when the whole class syncs up in breath and focus – it’s this thing that you can’t ever force, it has to happen naturally. There’s something about that relaxed unity that sometimes feels joyful, sometimes peaceful, and sometimes even both.

What yoga trainings have you completed?

I completed my Modo Yoga Teacher Training Certificate in February of 2020 in Nicaragua. I am also a certified Group Fitness Instructor and was a Personal Trainer once upon a time.

What Modo Pillar do you connect with the most?

Be Peace. I used to come down hard on myself for not being “perfect” and that bled into unfair expectations I placed on others. I am much better now, but it definitely creeps in when I’m feeling particularly stressed or tired. I lean on the Be Peace Pillar to remind me that we are all imperfect and still totally valuable and worthy.

What do you do besides teaching yoga?

I am also an actor and teach acting. I am finding that teaching yoga and acting are the most fulfilling careers I have ever had… and I’ve had a few! I also really enjoy cooking yummy dinners, and spending time with my best friend and spouse Devin.

What’s your favourite after yoga treat?

TACOS AT SAL Y LIMÓN!!!!!! ALL THE TACOS! Never met a taco there I didn’t like!