Anna Dinallo

Anna has completed over 3,400 hours in the study of human anatomy while obtaining two doctorates that focus on East-Asian medicine. She started practicing yoga in 2010 and began teaching Yoga in 2012 in Albuquerque New Mexico. She has a diverse teaching background, with training in Hatha Yoga from Jimmy Barkan (Level II and Level III), as well as Yin Yoga (Level I and II), Ayurveda Breathwork, and Bruce Sheer, who teaches “Gentle Yoga” based on the Duke University Integrative Medicine Yoga Curriculum.  She has also taught anatomy, and chakra theory for several Teacher Trainings in Oregon and New Mexico.

Anna sees herself as a nurturing and compassionate teacher with a playful style, who herself has overcome physical obstacles, and can offer empathy and experience to students with injuries. She hopes to “be a guide on your yoga journey so you can have not only fitness but also the gift of longevity.”