Alice Toyonaga (she/her)

Alice spent the majority of her young adult life morbidly obese, making drastic life changes by her mid 20s to prioritize her physical health. This brought into her life endurance sports – from marathons to half Ironman triathlons, as well as the awesome pairing of yoga. What Alice did not expect beyond a good stretch and sweat was a newfound depth of breath, a connection to her emotional and mental health, and an amazing community. Alice emphasizes in her teaching a connection to ourselves – from our breath, to what’s happening in the skin we’re in that particular day, to what’s happening in our minds that particular day. She hopes to empower each student to take that connection and tap into their physical, mental and emotional resilience and strength to see what the practice is revealing for them to work on or learn. Beyond her sweaty adventures on and off the mat, the things that will bring the biggest smile to Alice’s face are dogs, travel, Harry Potter, and dad jokes.