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Alice Toyonaga (she/her)

Alice spent a large part of her young adult life morbidly obese, until, in her mid 20s, drastic life changes to improve her physical health became her priority. What began as running 5 kms, quickly brought her to endurance sports – from marathons to triathlons, as well as the awesome complement of yoga. What Alice did not expect beyond a good stretch and sweat was a newfound depth of breath, a connection to her emotional health, a tremendous mental focus, and an incredible community. All of this led her to her first teacher training in 2011, and inspired and humbled by the constant learning on and off our mats, Alice moved to LA from Toronto, Canada to co-found and open Modo Yoga LA Echo Park and Venice.
In her teaching, Alice emphasizes a connection to ourselves – from our breath, to what’s happening in the skin we’re on that particular day, to what’s happening in our minds on that particular day. She hopes to empower each student to meet themselves where they are and tap into their limitless physical, mental and emotional strength, while also placing value in the power of slowing down and stillness. Alice hopes that the mat can be a place to fly and to fall, and that in each class, students can feel safe to do both.
Beyond her time on the mat, the things that bring inspiration into Alice’s life (and keep her busy!) are chasing her toddler around, her best furry pal Barney, Crossfit, nature, travel, and dad jokes. She is also a lifelong student and loves the continued learning that yoga brings to her life.