We are three socially and environmentally conscious hot yoga studios that are part of the Modo Yoga family. We aim to collectively change the world one sweaty yoga class at a time. Modo Yoga is a form of hot yoga that combines the precision of therapeutic yoga and the foundations of traditional yoga in a specially heated room. The series is a cardiovascular workout that strengthens, tones and loosens the muscles, while calming the mind and reducing stress. In LA, our vision is to offer spaces for people to reach their greatest potential in order to rock a calm mind, fit body and inspired life. We have three homes in LA to create one amazing community – read on below to find out more about where you can get sweaty with us on the West side in Venice, in Miracle Mile on La Brea, and on the East side in Echo Park. See you in the hot room soon.





Will I need to pre-register:

Yup! We have limited spots and fewer classes in the hot room to keep everyone more than 6 feet apart, so we won’t be doing walk-ins for the time being.

What happens if I don’t feel well:

You rest up and feel better stat! Also, please do not come into the studio if you have symptoms of COVID-19, if you have tested positive or come into contact with someone who has.

Will you be doing a Health Self-Assessment at the studio:

Yes, all students and employees will do a health self-assessment when they arrive to the studio as well as do a temperature check.

How do I reserve my spot:

You’ll pre-register through our app or in MBO as you always have - in studio classes will appear under "East" (Echo Park) and "La Brea" and the Virtual Studio classes will be under their own studio.

What happens if I can’t make it to class:

We will have a 12-hour cancellation window or a $10 no show fee will apply! So if you can’t make it, please make sure you cancel your reservation so another Modie can sign up for class since we have so few spots!

What happens if I’m on the waitlist:

If you’re on the waitlist and a spot comes up, you’ll be put into the class and receive an email letting you know to come get your sweat on (woohoo).

What do I need to bring:

We will be taking a break on rentals and props so please bring your mat, towels, full water bottle and any props you might need!

I'm not ready to come back yet... will you still be doing the Virtual Studio and Instagram Live classes?

You betcha. We will be doing 40 online classes a week in prime time slots so you'll be able to practice from the comfort of your home even with our reopening.


Where can I park?

Oh what an LA question! GIve yourself a little extra time as our parking situation will be a little different. At Echo Park, you’ll self park to a limited number of first come, first serve spots. La Brea, we will temporarily not have valet down the street so street parking will be your best bet.

Why are you requiring a temperature check?

Our community’s health and wellbeing - from our teachers and leaders to all of our Modies, is our top priority. For the time being, we will be doing temperature checks for all of our employees and students coming into the space.

What happens if I don’t want to do a temperature check:

We totally understand that there are a lot of changes out there right now. For now, in order to come into the studio, we will be requiring a temp check for everyone’s safety. If you’d prefer to not do a temp check at this time, we respect that decision. We will still be offering 40 online classes for you to be able to keep up your practice from home.

What happens if my temperature reads over 100.4:

If your temperature is over 100.4 and you do not feel sick and have answered no to all the questions on the health screening, we can test you a second time in case it was a mis-read. If the temperature keeps reading over 100.4, we will ask that you go home and come back to practice another time.

If I have to go home because of a high temperature, will anything be done with that information:

No, we will not be collecting or logging any information from the temperature checks.

If I have to go home because of a high temperature and miss my class, will I be charged the No Show Fee:

Of course not. If you came to the studio and were unable to take your class, we will not charge you the No Show Fee.

When can I arrive:

The studio will open 15 minutes before class.


Will I have to wear a mask/face covering:

Yes, students and our entire team will wear facial coverings everywhere in the studio, including for practice, for the time being.

What happens if I’m late:

As usual, classes will begin on time and latecomers will not be permitted.

Can I wear my shoes inside the studio:

All 3 studios will now be shoe-free zones. You can bring an indoor pair of slippers/flip flops to wear inside if you wish.

What will I do with my stuff once I’m at the studio:

Bring as little as you can as our lockers, showers and changerooms will not be in use for the time being. You’ll turn your phone off and bring everything into the hot room with you (yup, we’re breaking our own rules!)

Will I be able to use the bathroom?

Oh yeah! Bathrooms will be open as will hand-washing stations with a limit of 2 people in the bathroom at a time. We will also have sanitizer available throughout the space.

Will I be directed with where to go?

Yes! We will have markers letting you know where you can stand and wait and to direct traffic flow so we can have lots of space between Modies and most doors will be kept propped open until class begins so you don't have to touch surfaces.


Will the mat markers be clearly marked for social distancing?

Yes! All of our mats markers will clearly show you where you can set up a mat. These markers will allow students to have more than 6 feet between them.

Do I have to wear my mask the whole time:

Yes, for the time being, both teachers and students will keep their masks on during practice as an extra safety measure.

What if it gets too hot:

We’ll be lowering the heat and turning off the humidity for the time being so you can breathe. Wear a breathable mask (cotton) and rest as you need to.

What if I need to leave the room:

Try to stay on your mat for the duration of class, if possible. If you have to leave your mat, please have your mask on.

What other changes will there be in the hot room:

We’ll be taking a pause on hands-on adjustments and forced / heavy breathing exercises for now.

What about air quality:

We will be using our fresh air returns and our UV filters, which will give us fresh, sanitized air in the room between each class.

Will the room be cleaned differently:

We have always been all about keeping it clean, and now we are doubling down with more time between classes and no overlapping classes so we can sanitize ALL common areas, the hot rooms and high touch surfaces between each class using EPA approved cleaners/disinfectants.


Will I still be able to stay for savasana after class:

Of course! We will be allowing up to 10 minutes after class for savasana.

Can I leave the room whenever I’m ready:

After the teacher has said “Namaste”, the teacher will prop the door open so that students can leave, one at a time. Please roll up your mat BEFORE you leave the room and take all your belongings, mindful of other people's space.

Do I have to leave the studio right after class:

We will miss the days of post-class gathering on the benches, but in order to sanitize the room for the next Modies coming in, we ask that you leave the studio within 15 minutes of your class ending. Until we can hang out together again, it’ll be air hugs and air high fives as we say goodbye.