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Deena Robertson (she/her)

Deena’s parents introduced her to yoga very young, but it wasn’t until she found the heat that the true love affair began. After severe physical injuries and major life traumas, her practice brought her back. Wanting to share the immense benefits of yoga, she opened her first studio when she was just 21, has opened 6 more studios since, was a founding Modo Yoga studio owner, and trained over 700 teachers.

Her classes illustrate her passion to challenge the body while being mindful to long term health. You’ll be inspired to challenge yourself while listening to the whispers of your body and mind… before they become screams!

Random fun facts: Deena hang glided for the first time when she was 5, and her family once picked up a hitchhiker that ended up living with them for 12 years. Deena lives by her mother’s motto, “Shit happens, but suffering is optional!”