Morgan Justiss (she/her)

Born and raised in Dallas, Morgan has always been a serious, no nonsense Texas girl. Yeah right, have you met her? Full of energy, life and lots of fun you’ll always be greeted with a smile, but she is a Texan through and through. Morgan stepped on stage at five years old and never dreamed of anything else other than the stage and the big screen. Seriously, ask her parents!! This dream caused a lot of stress for them, but they remained incredibly supportive none the less. At 25 she discovered yoga and all of the incredible benefits the practice had to offer. After moving to LA she found Modo and has remained a Modi since she first stepped in the studio. Through a growing desire to be of service to the community and share her love of yoga to more people she dived in to her first teacher training in 2013. Soon after, her love of sharing yoga grew into the development of Youth Yoga, a non-profit started with two other amazing women. Youth Yoga brings yoga and meditation to schools in underserved areas of Los Angeles to empower and inspire youth.   She continued on this yoga journey and headed off to the Modo teacher training in 2015. And here we are now! The stage is now a hot room and with each class she is able lead students through a practice benefitting both mind and body! And yes, this pursuit also stresses her parents out, as does the surfing, but they are still proud of her.