Jill Holden

Studio Owner / Director / Teacher

Jill is passionate about helping people deepen their connection to themselves and to community through insightful yoga and meditation practices.

Jill first discovered yoga over 20 years ago as a means of therapy to recover and heal from a running injury. She quickly experienced the amazing physical benefits and through dedicated practice, she experienced the therapeutic benefits – more balance, strength, flexibility and peace in her body and in life.

Jill completed the Modo Yoga teacher training in March 2009 in Kerala, India. Shortly after her return from India, Jill met her now co-business partner, Joanna Thurlow. They worked towards a shared dream to open Modo Yoga St. John’s, which came to fruition in February 2012.

Jill has completed over 1,000 hours of training, including Modo Level 1 (500H), Modo Level 2 & Yin Yoga (150H), Blissology (Vinyasa, 200H), Vinyasa Krama (100H), Methodical Sequencing (20H), Modo Sequence Training (50H), and hours of intensive studies in mindfulness and meditation with the late Shôken Michael Stone, and Vipassana with Whit Hornsberger.

Jill has led several yoga and meditation retreat offerings since 2015, hosting in various countries all over the world: Nicaragua, Panama, Morocco, Peru, Denmark (returning August 2023 – space available!), and Croatia (upcoming April/May 2023 – space available!)

An engaging teacher, Jill offers a balance of her knowledge in anatomy, yoga philosophy, and teachings from her life experiences that spark light, humour, and connection. For Jill, her yoga and meditation practice cultivates peace, grace and courage. It helps her navigate through life’s waves and builds awareness of the strengths of body and mind.