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Kathy Noseworthy


“What you are seeking, is also seeking you.” ~ Rumi

Kathy has been practicing and teaching yoga for seven years, although she has been quite active her entire life. Kathy is a former Team Canada Volleyball Player an avid runner, biker and climber, outdoor enthusiast. Of course, living at top speed for so long comes with its share of bumps and aches, which is what prompted her to initially try yoga. She had hoped that it would provide a means of healing and increase her flexibility, and it did, while also providing the added benefit of mental health therapy.

The Modo community, the positive energy, and of course the heat, all led Kathy to fall in love with the practice. In 2013, she decided that the next step in her growing passion would be to become a yoga teacher and completed the Modo Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 in Kelowna, BC. This was a month long training which jump started her to many more yoga trainings. The role of teacher came quite naturally to Kathy as it was an organic extension of her 30 year teaching career. That being said, it did come with its share of unique challenges, but Kathy now knows what it means to truly love what you do so much, that it does not feel like a job. It wasn’t long before she realized in order to grow as a yoga teacher you have to do more trainings. So in 2016 Kathy completed her Modo Flow Training in Alberta with Dina T, and Yin Yoga Training In Vancouver with Bernie Clark. Kathy has been teaching full time at Modo Yoga St. John’s since 2015.

Not only is Kathy a devoted athlete and yogi but also a mother of two beautiful, brilliant daughters, Sam and Jess. She is also an animal lover, nature lover, a backyard farmer and a devoted promoter of all things natural.